Great results with American Formula!

Henry Williams

to me

Was very pleased with your product. This was the first run for me. It is the answer for the resurrection of vintage scatter guns. I used your steam pvc method. Did the prime cycle, carded, processed another coat. I then did 2 ten minute steam cycles with carding at the end of each one. After the last carding 4/0 steel wool. Final buff was on cotton buffing wheel, oiled it down and this is the end results. I am located in Tampa and we had a temperature of around 74 degrees and about 40% humidity. Process started at 11:40 and by 4:30 was complete. This gun was in a very pitted state and all could not be removed but it will put it back in service for a very anxious granddaughter.

Thanks, Henry

American Formula on old double

American Formula on old double