General Info

Rust bluing is a process of controlled rusting on steel that produces a fine grained red iron oxide. Then, through boiling or steaming, the red oxide is converted to a stable black oxide. This black oxide (magnetite) resists corrosion and provides a durable, low glare, pleasing appearance so sought after in fine firearms.

Rust bluing steel produces the highest quality, best appearing, and most durable finish known. For the gunsmith or hobby gun enthusiast no other metal finish is as easy or inexpensive to use. Other cold blue products merely plate the steel with copper or silver and then turn it black by oxidation. They also require complicated application procedures and don’t yield a uniform finish. Often, they produce an objectionable “rotten egg” odor.

Rust blue is the authentic black iron oxide finish used by gun makers. It will restore your firearm to original condition as it left the factory. Our hand-prepared products and detailed instructions allow the first time user to get great initial results, and the professional to increase productivity and efficiency. This is accomplished with a fraction of the effort required to cold blue.

Our rust blueing solutions are prepared using actual formulas used commercially and in military armories from the actual time period and country where the firearm was produced. Extensive research has allowed us to compile authentic, proven formulas that can accurately reproduce the correct finish on your collectible forearm. Additionally, we produce a browning solution to finish early black powder guns. When complete, the final finish should be sealed with a paste wax or even a sprayed lacquer, varnish, or drying oil (like boiled linseed oil) to seal the metals pores and prevent moisture from penetrating.

Each 2 fluid oz.order is freshly weighed, mixed, and promptly shipped; resulting in the most potent product possible. Contrast this with other commercial products which may have been on the shelf for years. Every shipment includes detailed application instructions. We have also written instructions on how to inexpensively build a rust blue apparatus that will produce outstanding factory-quality results on the cheap.