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Customer Testimonial

Was very pleased with your product. This was the first run for me. It is the answer for the resurrection of vintage scatter guns. I used your steam pvc method. Did the prime cycle, carded, processed an other coat. I then did 2 ten minute steam cycles with carding at the end of each one. […]

Rust Bluing Woes

It is inevitable that you eventually run into some problems when rust bluing. Most can be traced to surface preparation and technique. The remainder fall into improper solution used and boiling/steaming issues.   Surface Preparation I always sand/bead blast or use silicon carbide papers to polish the metal prior to bluing and never have any […]

Why should you steam rather than boil?

Did you know that nearly all commercial and military arms production during the day employed steaming rather than boiling for rust bluing? It’s true. We’ve always been told in the majority of gunsmithing books that we should boil.  That is what has kept most people away from rust bluing. Pros and Cons of  boiling vs […]

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