Hello antique gun enthusiasts!

Welcome to Rust Blue — the Authentic Bluing Solution connection! For over forty years I have been restoring and re-conditioning collectible firearms. As a gunsmith and collector, I always appreciated the beautiful and durable satin blue that  rust blueing formulas gave those fine old guns. Different manufacturers used various formulas over the years to achieve a certain look. Being a firearm restorer, I was interested in replicating that look.


I have spent the last 10 years accumulating these formulas and testing them. After some refinements to composition, I now offer selected formulas to the public as Rust Blue. Available in eight different types based on country of origin, RustBlue can help the amateur and professional alike  achieve the exact authenticity and appearance they desire. Try some on your next project and you’ll never use anything else!


To make your job easier, I have included specific directions on the site to guide you choosing the proper Rust Blue product and achieving great results the first time. Moreover, I offer directions on building and using affordable equipment to give you repeatably fine blue jobs. Over time, I will also offer additional tips to enhance your rust blueing experience in the blog. So stay tuned!


Good luck,


Bob Veasey

President RustBlue.com






Hello antique gun enthusiasts!

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